• The Pool is CLOSED. The last day of the season was Monday, September 4th.
  • Fall Community Yard Sale: Saturday, October 14th.
  • Halloween Events: Friday October 27th (stay tuned); Trunk or Treat and Haunted House Saturday, October 28th.
  • The Tennis courts have had a key card system installed. It became active on Monday, August 22, 2022. Please see the Tennis section on the Amenities Page for more information.
  • The clubhouse is available for rentals please check the Amenities page for more information.

  • The 2024 HOA statements will be sent out in December.  Dues increased $20 per home in 2023 as noted in the newsletter that went out in October of 2022.  The association fees haven’t increased in over 15 years, the cost of living has gone up, and the neighborhood is over 30 years old and needs some updates.  The 2024 payment is due on January 1, 2024.  Late fees will be charged, beginning 2/1/2024, if you haven’t paid your yearly dues.   In addition, amenities access, clubhouse, tennis, and pool, will be restricted if the dues are not paid in full.  If you have questions, or can’t get into the CMA site below, please contact Leslie Sayers.  Her contact information is:  lsayers@cmacommunities or 404-835-9215.
  • To access the CMA website please go to HTTPS://cmacommunities.com
    • The above link only takes you to the CMA main page.  Go to the 3 bars in the top right corner to access the login page.  You need to enter your email and password or create an account.  

    • The website was updated launched by CMA on Monday, October 3, 2022.  Please see attached document from CMA regarding this update. Vantaca software launch information by CMA.  

August 2023 Annual Meeting Board minutes

We have a new Events Calendar below…

All events are subject to cancellation due to weather conditions or lack of volunteers.

We need you to help make our events great!


The monthly ARC meeting is the 1st Monday of the month at 7pm.

Please check back later for more updates.

You can also look for us on Facebook at Lakes of White Oak Homeowners Association.


How Does Your Property measure up?

Improving your own home’s landscaping enhances the community’s overall curb appeal.  A variety of factors contribute to curb appeal:  neatly groomed shrubs, weed-free turf, cleanly edged sidewalks and driveways, and colorful flowerbeds.  Desirable neighborhoods are ones that have noticeable pride of ownership with homes and landscapes that are well maintained.  If property values are important to you, then these things should be important to you.  How does your property measure up?

If you would like to review our guidelines, please refer to our covenants which are available on this website under the Rules and Covenants page. We have listed the most common violations below.


Gutters: should be free of leaves and pine needles.

Beds: raked of leaves and fallen twigs and refreshed pine straw or mulch.

Bushes: evenly pruned and not covering up any portion of your windows. .

Fences: replace any broken slats and pressure wash if need be.

Fresh Pines straw and Mulch: needs to be placed in all flowering beds especially in flowering beds to tree rings where the dirt is exposed and/or the ground covered is faded or worn.

Pressure washing: Due to the excessive amounts of rain in the past many homes are in need of pressure washing. Please make arrangements to have your homes/driveways/sidewalks pressure washed.

Weed Control: During Summer, we have seen many weeds popping up. Please have your yard chemically treated for weed control. Please do not wait for the weeds to come in and infest your yards.

Street Parking: Is strictly prohibited- this poses a danger to the residents of the community. Emergency vehicles and School buses cannot safely navigate through the community. Please park in your garages and your driveways. Automobiles and non-commercial trucks and vans shall be parked only in the garage or in the driveway serving the unit. No overnight street parking is allowed in the community.

Garbage Cans: They are not to be placed in front of the garage or by the curbs. They are to be placed in the most inconspicuous area as possible either behind your fence, inside your garage or behind the hedge beside your home.  For pick up: they can be placed out by the curb the night before service but must be brought in the night of service. IF YOU ARE STORING YOUR GARBAGE CAN IN VIEW OF THE STREET YOU ARE IN VIOLATION. We recommend building a partition or enclosure as many residents have done in the community. Please have approved beforehand.

Exterior Projects: Tree removal, fence, major landscaping, house painting, and pools are just a few examples of work that needs DRC Approval BEFORE the start of the project. Please contact the property manager or the DRC Committee for the DRC forms.  Please submit to the DRC Committee for approval.

Mailboxes: Please make sure you maintain your mailboxes.  EX: clean, painted, NO MISSING NUMBERS.

Pet Owners: Have your dog and enjoy your dog… but always be mindful of the dog’s behavior. For harmony, take steps to control wandering pets and /or excessive barking. In regard to dogs, they are not allowed OUTSIDE without a leash unless in a fenced in yard.  If you spot a dog wandering loose (it could be from another area, no way of knowing) or if the barking goes on and on for long periods feel free to call Animal Control. Also, please utilize the pet stations and pick up after your pets!

Artificial Vegetation:  No artificial flowers, plants, etc. are allowed in the community. 

Please also remember to respect our amenities. No driving on the grass, no fishing in the lake, no littering. Please also remember not to store vehicles or anything else on the common property. The parking lot is strictly for clubhouse rentals, playground, and pool use.