Pool Information

Remember: Homeowners must be current with all community assessments to obtain annual pool passes.

Requirements for Pool Membership

Only the legal property owner(s) and those living full time in this home, may obtain community pool passes. Those individuals and/or families who are renting/leasing the entire home may also obtain passes but must provide a copy of the current rental/lease agreement at the time of registration. Anyone living/staying in the home temporarily will not be issued a pass and must pay the $1.00 daily guest fee. If you have a situation outside of these limitations (examples: a child who lives primarily with an ex-spouse, or grandchildren who stay with you during the summer) please see the Pool Manager for these and any other possible/reasonable exceptions. A good “rule of thumb” to use is, if the individual (living full-time in the home) can be, or ever was, claimed on the homeowner’s tax return, they may have a community pool pass.

We ask that you do not attempt to circumnavigate this rule in any manner. In the interest of the safety for all of our community families, we must be able to clearly identify those who have rightful access to our pool, and also make every effort to prevent access to anyone who does not. We reserve the right to deny cards and/or access to anyone submitting fraudulent or intentionally inaccurate information on our pool applications.

Pool Hours 

The pool is typically open daily from 9am – 9pm beginning opening day through the July 4th weekend. We adjust hours after July 4th and again after school begins in August. The current operating hours will be posted at the pool entryway and any intended changes to the pool schedule will be posted there as well. You may also call the pool at (770) 304-3367 to obtain the current pool hours.

Pool Rules

A complete set of rules are posted here COMMUNITY POOL RULES 2017 . Printed copies are available at Pool Registration and in the Pool Office.

The most common questions about pool rules relate to Guests, and the minimum age to be at the pool without adult supervision. The following are just a few highlights from the rules that address those questions:

Guests - A member must be 18 years of age to bring a guest. Parents can complete a Parental Permission Form to authorize children under 18 to bring a guest, but the guest’s parents must also sign the Parental Permission Form and provide verifiable contact information. Parental Permission Forms are available at the Pool Office.

Minimum Age – One must be 12 years of age to be at the pool without adult supervision, period. This is a Red Cross Safety Standard.   Please do not come to the pool, stay with under-age children for a few minutes, and then leave them there without someone to watch over them.

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Vaping – There is absolutely no alcohol, smoking or illegal drug use permitted at the pool. Anyone appearing to be under the influence will be asked to leave and may forfeit pool access. If deemed necessary, the incident will be reported to proper authorities. Tobacco use and e-cigarette use are limited to the designated smoking area in the pool parking lot.

Pool Monitors - Our pool is a “Swim at Your Own Risk” facility; we do not have lifeguards. Our Monitors are there to maintain the facility, ensure the chemicals remain properly balanced, check identifications and maintain order. Most pool monitors are residents of our community.