2022 POOL SEASON – The pool is officially CLOSED. The last day of the 2022 pool season was Labor Day, Monday, September 5th. 

Remember: Homeowners must be current with all community assessments to obtain annual pool passes. Individuals requesting passes must live in the Lakes of White Oak Community: Woodstream, Kingsbrook, Pebblecreek, and Springfield neighborhoods.

Residents in good standing with their association accounts will be eligible to register for pool access. If you are unsure of your status, please contact Leslie Sayers of CMA Property Management (404-835-9215) or check HTTPS://cmacommunities.com through the owner login in the top right corner.

Pool Membership Registration is CLOSED.  Please continue reading.

Requirements for Pool Membership

Only the legal property owner(s) and those living full time in this home, may obtain community pool passes. Those individuals and/or families who are renting/leasing the entire home may also obtain passes but must provide a copy of the current rental/lease agreement at the time of registration. Anyone living/staying in the home temporarily will not be issued a pass and must pay the $1.00 daily guest fee. If you have a situation outside of these limitations (examples: child who lives primarily with an ex-spouse, or grandchildren who stay with you during the summer) please see the Pool Manager for these and any other possible / reasonable exceptions. A good “rule of thumb” to use is, if the individual (living full-time in the home) can be, or ever was, claimed on the homeowner’s tax return, they may have a community pool pass.

We ask that you do not attempt to circumnavigate this rule in any manner. In the interest of the safety for all our community families, we must be able to clearly identify those who have rightful access to our pool and make every effort to prevent access to anyone who does not. We reserve the right to deny cards and/or access to anyone submitting fraudulent or intentionally inaccurate information on our pool applications.

There is a $2.00 replacement fee for any lost cards.

Pool Season and Community Parties

The 2023 pool season will officially begin on Friday, May 26th of Memorial Day Weekend. The pool hours will be from 9:00am to 9:00pm weather permitting.

Keep an eye on the Lakes of White Oak Homeowners Association Facebook page or drive by the pool and look at the chalkboard in the pool entrance for any updates or changes.

Pool Rules –

A complete set of rules are posted here: COMMUNITY POOL RULES. Printed copies are available at Pool Registration and in the Pool Office.

FULL COVERAGE swim attire is required for all ages.

Minimum Age – One must be 12 years of age to be at the pool without adult supervision, period.  This is a Red Cross Safety Standard.   Please do not come to the pool, stay with under-age children for a few minutes, and then leave them there without someone to watch over them. In addition, unsupervised 12-17 year olds are not allowed guests.

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Vaping – There is absolutely no alcohol, smoking, vaping, or illegal drug use permitted at the pool. *Do not sneak alcohol in cups or coolers and throw empty alcohol containers in pool trash receptacles. * Anyone appearing to be under the influence will be asked to leave and may forfeit pool access. If deemed necessary, the incident will be reported to proper authorities. Tobacco use and e-cigarette use are limited to the designated smoking area in the pool parking lot.

No food or drinks (even water bottles) are allowed within 3 feet of the pool edge.  Any of these items are to remain in the areas of the chairs and tables.

Pool Monitors – Our pool is a “Swim at Your Own Risk” facility; we do not have lifeguards. However, our Monitors are there to maintain the facility, ensure the chemicals remain properly balanced, check identifications, and maintain order. Pool Monitors have sole discretion as to the appropriateness of behavior and may request that any person leave the pool for any reason. Pool Monitors are not there to clean up after you. Please clean up your area while you are there and when you leave.

Most Pool Monitors are residents of our community and your neighbors, be kind and follow the rules.

How to Register for Your Annual Pool PassPLEASE ONLY ONE ENTRY PER FAMILY

REMINDER: All residents 16 and older must pick up their own passes in person at the pool (Must have valid ID matching the Lakes of White Oak residence).

Registration is CLOSED.