The Lakes of White Oak Association Board functions to ensure that the Lakes of White Oak communities are maintained for quality residential use.  Community covenants and by-laws help protect the appearance of the neighborhood by enforcing property maintenance rules and aesthetic standards.  Recreation, safety, and enjoyment of the community are of great importance to the Association.  The neighborhood is maintained and enhanced all while keeping the dues low.  The neighborhood dues have not increased in over 10 years and the Board is striving to continue this trend.

The Community Management Associates, Inc (CMA) is the professional property management company responsible for overseeing the daily operations and covenant enforcement for the Lakes of White Oak communities.

For questions regarding community covenants or regarding your account, please contact:

Leslie Sayers
Community Management Associates, Inc
(404) 835-9215

Visit to access your personal account through the owner login in the top right corner.

Board Member List
Scott Boyd – President
Ken Rothrock – Vice President
Jack Buck
Kris Harman
Ann Lindsey
Jane Want
Jacob Wortz