September 16, 2021 photo credit R.H.Lindsey

Lake Sullivan

There is NO fishing, swimming, or boating allowed from the dam or pool side of the lake.  Only those residents who own lake front property may use the lake but not from the dam or pool side.


In 2020 and 2021, the kitchen and bathroom areas were renovated, and the exterior of the building was repaired and refreshed.   There is a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and microwave. Fourteen 6-foot tables and 84 folding chairs are also available. There is a large deck that runs along the back and one side of the clubhouse, overlooking Lake Sullivan and the pool area. The use of the clubhouse does not include use of the pool by your guests during your activity. The clubhouse capacity is rated at 80 persons maximum.

You must live in one of the Lakes of White Oak Communities, Woodstream, Kingsbrook, Pebble Creek, or Springfield, must be current with your community assessments, and not have any ongoing covenant violations to reserve the facility.

For more information on reserving the clubhouse please click HERE.


Tennis Courts

LOWO has two regulation, lighted tennis courts available for residents to use.  The court surface and nets were updated in 2017.

Use of courts is for recreational use and limited to residents and their guests.  No third party paid lessons are allowed.

Please submit your information HERE to receive a Key Card for tennis court use.


LOWO Residents can enjoy a large pool and sun deck along with a children’s pool with a water spray feature.

2023 included new light weight chairs for the tables.

In 2021 new umbrellas were added, all pool buildings including the pergola were painted, and new big and little pool pumps were added.

Before the 2019 pool season, the interior was resurfaced in both pools including a fish and coral tile feature that was added to the baby pool.  Additionally, both buildings and the pergola were repainted.

In 2018, new pool loungers, chairs, and umbrellas were added.

The bathrooms were updated with granite counters in 2016.

In 2013 the pool area underwent major updates. A few of the improvements were:

  • The entire deck surface and edging was removed and replaced.
  • All sub-surface water feed and return lines were replaced to standard bringing us to proper water flow requirements.
  • An additional main filter was added to assist with the water flow requirement.
  • Both pool surfaces were re-plastered along with new racing lines and water level tiles.
  • 3 safety access ladders were added to the main pool along with permanent depth markers.
  • A child’s water feature was added to the baby pool to help keep the water temperature down.
  • Additionally, there are several safety features incorporated into water flow and circulation design.

As a homeowner association, we are not required to undergo any type of county inspection, however, all improvements made during this overhaul have brought us up to the safety standards expected by any county commercial facility. We are pleased with the results of this reconstruction and sincerely hope you are, too. Please make every effort to use and care for this facility just as you would with your own pool.


Children can enjoy a nice playground.  It is in the amenities area between the pool and tennis courts. The playground area is currently undergoing some work to eliminate a mud problem.

In 2017 an updated section was added with 2 slides, a rock-climbing wall, tunnel, balance beam, bouncy platform, 2 spring riders, interactive wall toys, and more swings. Parents can enjoy the shade provided by a large gazebo with built-in picnic tables and a lake view while the children play.  In addition, there are also 2 large outdoor picnic tables with benches and a separate bench on the far side of the newer playground.


In 2019 security cameras were added to all sections of the amenities areas to help deter illicit activities and property damage.  In addition to the cameras, a gate was installed to block vehicle entry after dark.

Additional cameras were added to the clubhouse in 2021 and all existing cameras were upgraded.