Design Review Committee

DRC Info
Your Design Review Committee (DRC) is made of several community volunteers who meet at 7 pm on the 1st Monday of each month. The committee’s purpose is to maintain the community’s architectural and general appearance appeal by reviewing homeowner change requests to their individual properties. This organization is the only standing committee authorized by our community covenants. Based upon the covenant directives, and the supplemental DRC Guidelines, this committee reviews requests for changes to existing structures, additional structures, landscaping and any other change which alters the appearance of the property. The DRC is not a covenant violation enforcement committee. Any homeowner who wishes to change the outward appearance of any portion of their property must obtain prior permission from the community DRC before beginning the project. Some examples requiring DRC permission are:

  • changes the house/trim colors;
  • adding any outbuilding;
  • adding onto or modifying the home or any additional structure;
  • major landscaping changes;
  • cutting down/removal of any healthy trees that are greater than 6 inch diameter at 2 feet above ground level
  • fence additions and changes;
  • in-ground swimming pools;
  • additional paved or parking areas.

Click Here for detailed DRC Guidelines

Some examples of actions which do not require DRC approval are:

  • pressure washing / repainted of existing colors;
  • maintaining existing home and outbuildings to include re-roofing (of the same type);
  • upgrade to architectural shingles;
  • addition of a play set in the backyard;
  • installing a storm door;
  • adding / removing shrubbery not associated with a major landscaping change;
  • trimming/removal of trees less than 6 inch diameter at a point 2 feet from the ground;
  • removal of diseased/dead trees of any diameter;
  • removal of a tree which threatens the structural integrity of the home or another structure
  • maintaining existing fences / garden structures;
  • interior changes or modifications.

Additional DRC guidance when planning your project

If you are not sure about whether you need permission or not, send an email to the office You can normally get a reply within one week or less. Plan ahead and submit your request at least a month in advance of your start date. Remember the DRC meet only once a month and are volunteers, not paid employees. If possible, attend the meeting when your project is up for review. It helps when there may be confusion or missing information. If possible, provide examples of what your completed project may look like; include diagrams or architectural renderings. Be patient. We want you to improve your home and increase its value and we are many times able to come up with compromises in most instances.

Click here for LOWO- Request for DRC Approval Form